Thursday, January 26, 2012

Runners and their Knees

It's Thursday!  I really want to go to group run tonight but my left knee has been acting funky.  I haven't ran since Sunday's 9 miler.

I took Monday off from running, as usual, and did a Pilates Core video instead.

Tuesday, I hopped on the treadmill before work and it was like I was the Tin Man.  My knee would just not cooperate.  I was hobbling was not pretty.  I slowed my pace hoping that would make it easier.  It did not.  The only thing that made it easier was when I slowed to a walk.  I had started out at a 6.0 and ended up at a 4.0 after only 1/2 a mile.  Ugh.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I thought I would give it a rest, that maybe that's just what my body needed.  But I was still tempted to test out the knee...soooo I ran to my mailbox and back.  It felt like someone was stabbing my kneecap!  What tha crap?!

I am in no way a medical professional able to diagnose myself but that never stops any of us does it?  From reading what I have on I think I have a case of "runner's knee"...go figure.

Have any of you experienced this before??  What helped and what prevented it?  Thanks for the input!

Happy Running!


  1. RICE is the best piece of advice. I have Tommy Copper Knee sleeves that really do seem to help. They aren't cheap though. I have random knee pain that comes and goes :-/

  2. Thanks! I have been using seems to be working. :)