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Do you love fitness?  Do you want to lead others to healthier lives?  Do you want to make some extra money while doing that?  That's what got me started coaching and you can, too!  I am a teacher and we stopped gettting raises a few years ago.  My desire to help others along with wanting to give myself a raise was the catalyst I needed.

Coaching is not about telling someone to lose weight.  It's not about making someone feel less self-confident.  No, It's about empowering others to live the lives they were were designed to live.

Coaches encourage challengers, clients, and team members.  They give them some motivation when life has them down.  They give out inspiration to the one who has lost her own.

IF this sounds like you, click here to get started NOW.  Make sure it shows up "Niki Ferguson is your referring coach" in the green box halfway down the page. :)  Or fill out the application below for some more info!

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