Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What is she talking about?

What is this blog all about? Is it about faith? Is it about fitness? Is it about whatever I feel like talking about?

I'm not sure. Yes. Yes. and Yes.

The truth is I'm a little all over the place and I know it. Maybe that's why not too many people follow my blog. I haven't found my "niche"...but do I really have to focus on just one thing?

I have found that when I try to write on things that are not personal or meaningful to me, I come across insincere and that's just not me. I am passionate to the core.

I'm committed to Jesus and I have faith in him in all things; therefore, I write a lot about my focus on faith. I'm also committed to fitness/working out. I believe making my body strong enriches my life, as it would yours as well. Then sometimes, I just throw in my random thoughts...which normally circle back around to either faith or fitness.  I have noticed that people who read and write fitness blogs don't talk about their faith, as authors of faith-based blogs don't really talk about fitness.  Am I doing a boo-boo here?  Should I pick just one thing to focus on?  You tell me.  I want your constructive criticism.


So, I guess what I'm saying here is: What would you like to see more of? What can I write about that you would like to read? I'm not here to bore you. I'm here to share my life with you.  Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

wet pants in church

This morning I was driving to church with my friend, when I decided I wanted to take a picture of this MLK graffiti on a building downtown for tomorrow.  I don't know why but it seemed important to me.  We were at a red light so I wasn't doing this while moving.  So, I zoom in to get a good pic of this:


Pretty cool, right?  Well, I thought so until the light turned green immediately and I hit the gas.  As I did, my coffee between my legs spilled almost completely in my lap.  Ahhhh!! It was hot.  It was wet.  I was mad...and embarrassed.  I did not want to go into church like that.  My pants were wet!  People were going to think I peed on myself, which is irrational, but anyway.  This was my thought process.

I realized I had fretted about what to wear to church that morning as I often do.  I was actually going to wear a t-shirt with a cardigan but I thought it wasn't "nice" enough, like I wasn't giving enough reverence to God or something, so I wore a sweater instead.

I was being silly.  I went inside and I praised Him.  I had to get over myself and laugh about it.  God doesn't care about what I'm wearing when I worship.

Interestingly enough, the sermon was about making ourselves weak so that we may reveal our brokenness  and others will grow to know Him.  Oh, how I was blessed by today's sermon and worship.  Y'all know I love me some worshipping!

I am so glad I didn't go home because of the wet pants.  I would have missed this:
"We love You, Lord.  We worship You.  You alone are God.  You alone are good." and seeing hands raised in praise as I, too, was overcome with joy of Our Father.

savior king

Monday, January 13, 2014

this little light of mine

I'm sure many of you have been touched by the story of Taylor Scout Smith, especially if you live in my area. I know I have.  This girl, in death, has become the most amazing witness of God's love, reaching people that she may have never met.  The letter that she wrote to herself to be opened in 2023 was not one of a typical 12-year-old. Little did she know that God would call her home in less than a year after writing that letter.

In the letter, she talked about college and making sure she graduated high school, but she also talked about her relationship with God (a part left out by a lot of the media).  She wanted to make sure that she had  been praying, worshipping, reading the Bible, and serving the Lord.  Why?  Well, as Taylor says..."He was mocked, beaten, and crucified for you!  A sinless man who never did you or any other person any wrong!"  Wow!  How much wisdom for such a young person.  I know that at 12, I was nowhere near this in tune with what Jesus really did for us.

Another thing, I have been deeply affected by is how accepting of God's will her parents have been.  Her father said, in an interview with WJHL, "If it's God's time, it's God's time, and he loved her more than we could ever love her. So much so that he said 'come on.'" Smith said. "A lot of people are probably wondering why it's so easy for a father whose just lost his daughter to say something like that, to not curse God, to not hate God, the only thing I can say is that right now it's easy for me to trust God because my baby girl trusted him."
"He loved her more than we could ever love her."  (So often we forget this.)

Although, I'd met Taylor, briefly, while teaching for a semester at a school she attended a few years ago, I didn't know her, but just from reading and hearing the words she wrote I'm amazed.  Amazed to know this story.  Amazed to know His story.  Amazed to see such truth poured out from this beautiful, young girl.

I'm so encouraged to live God's will for my life, as I hope you are too.  A few days ago I was driving down the road, with Hosanna playing on the radio, when I received a text.  When I stopped at a red light I looked at my phone to read the message.  The message was about something I had intently been praying on.  I just heard God say, "Here you go."  Then, there in my car, I sobbed grateful tears.  I just knew that I was in the right place for me.  This is where God wants me.  I know it's going to be tough at times, but as Taylor said, He did so much for me.  Why could I not go through a little suffering so that His Light may shine brighter?  Isn't that why we're here?

Here is a link to Taylor's full story, get out the tissues if you watch the video:

Tell me, how has her story affected you?

Has there been someone in your life who has encouraged you?

Have you every had a moment of clarity like this?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you want to run a 5k?

My 3 year anniversary of blogging my running adventures, and eventually life adventures, is coming up on January 16th. It seems crazy to me all that has happened in that time and how I have changed.

I had just started training for my 2nd half marathon. It was a daunting task for me considering I had only given myself 6 weeks to train and it seemed so long ago that I had trained for my first one the previous year for 4 months.  I felt inspired on that first long run to document my run and share it with others...if they cared to read it.

That inspiration, though it has waned, at times, is burning brightly.  I love to encourage others to experience the freedom and just boost of life that exercise gives me.

Running is not for everyone and that's ok.  (If you are looking for something else to feel great,  I have other challenge groups as well, that don't include running.  Contact Me to get on board!)

However, if you do want to start running but don't know where or how, or maybe you just need some extra motivation from a support group, I got you.  I want to help you.  We will start with a 5k :)

Here's how I see the group going.  YOU will be my launch group so we may have to make some adjustments along the way but you can get the gist of it.

  • We will start training at the end of January/first of February (5-6 weeks of training)

  • We will meet each Saturday or Sunday for a group workout/run/stretching

  • You will run 2-3 more times during the week on your own (or with run buds!)

  • Private Facebook group to share and motivate one another (& meet new people!)

  • Run "Joggin for the Noggin" on March 8th to benefit The Crumley House (Click here to learn more.)

  • Free of cost, except for your registration to the race.

joggin for the noggin

Disclaimer:  I am not a running coach or a personal trainer.  I am just a person who wants to help you live your best life.  Please do not take my advice as you would a professional's.  I started on my own without any professionals and I made it through a few races.  ;)

I look forward to starting this adventure with you!!  If you're ready to sign up, go to Contact Me and enter your info.

Have you ever organized a run group on your own?

What were your biggest challenges?

Why do you want to run a 5k?



Friday, January 3, 2014

dreams with deadlines

Let's all take a moment to talk about goals. Yes, goals. Do you have them?  Do you push for them?

Are they S.M.A.R.T. goals?

I just found out what S.M.A.R.T. goals are.  And I think it's a genius concept!  So I am sharing my discovery with you.  (Disclaimer:  I did not come up with this.)


Ok, now let's break it down...

SPECIFIC For example, "lose weight" is too vague.  How much weight do you want to lose?  When are you going to start?  What program will you be following?

MEASURABLE There must be a logical system for measuring your goal.  (See above weight loss goal.)  Since I'm a first grade teacher, I can help you out with measurement.  ;)  Time, pounds, height, miles, etc.  How will you know when your goal is accomplished?

ATTAINABLE You need to be willing and able to make that happen.  For example, you probably couldn't, nor should you, lose 100 lbs. in 1 month.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  You have to be realistic.  I am not going to make $100,000 this month.  Of course, I would love to.  It fits the first two parameters, but it is not attainable...unless I win the lottery(!).

RELEVANT You have to choose goals that matter to YOU.  If it doesn't matter to you, why would it be your goal?

TIME-BOUND You must set a target date to reach your goal.  Making a commitment to a deadline helps focus.  Goals are just dreams with deadlines!  This is one of the main reasons I need a plan for my fitness.  When I have no plan, I make no progress.  Deadlines make things happen.

dreams deadlines

I'd love to know - what are your dreams with deadlines?

Have you been "smart" about setting them?