Monday, May 25, 2015

Too Much "Stuff"

Every day people all over the world are stressing about money.  Finances is the biggest reason for divorce in the United States.  The truth is that we, as Americans, place way too much emphasis on "stuff".  We feel that if we don't have enough of, or the "right", stuff, we are inadequate, no one will like us, and we will have no friends.

Now, of course, this isn't least, not for most people.  I have been in the same mindset and still struggle with it from time to time.  I really like to travel and go out to eat with my friends. Sometimes, I worry that if I don't go, they will be upset with me and won't ask me to do anything anymore.  My friends are gracious and kind, so I know that they wouldn't do these things but this is what goes through the mind of a recovering people-pleaser/over analyzer.

My only saving grace has been that I began to keep a record of every penny I spend.  I categorize everything I spend.  I prioritize one category over another based on how important I believe it is.  For example, I used to never "have the money" to tithe.  It just seemed like it was all gone.  I had not idea where my paycheck was going.  Even after I got hired on as a full-time teacher and was making substantially more money than I did as an assistant, I ran out of money at the end of the month.

You know what they say, "Mo' money, mo' problems!"  No doubt, y'all.  I was making more money and if my bank account said that there was more, I spent it, not considering what bills or necessities needed to be paid for with that remaining balance.  This is where we get into trouble.  Not planning.

As a, now, health and fitness coach, as well as a teacher, I know the importance of planning.  Without a plan, there is no real, meaningful way to reach a goal.  I plan my meals.  I plan my workouts.  I plan my lessons.  Why would I not plan my finances?

So, I set to work.  With a background in accounting, I knew how to make and set up a spreadsheet.  I knew that the end balance had to equal zero with my income equaling my expenses.  I do particularly love a good spreadsheet so this was fun for me.  I began with this plan for myself years ago, only within in the last couple of months have I considered sharing it with others.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't really think that other people wanted this or that they would do it themselves, but I know how busy I am and how busy those of you who are moms or have full-time jobs are and I want to share this gift with you!  I hope that it encourages you and makes life just a little bit easier...and, hey! Maybe that debt will start shrinking too!  I know mine has.

Without further ado, here is where you can sign up to get my free budget planning instructions and template (digital and printable forms available).

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  1. I couldn't agree more! Whether we realize it or not, where we spend our money shows our priorities. My husband and I prioritize tithing above everything else, then basic necessities, and then travel with the extra. That means we need to live simply and cut back in many other areas, and sometimes that's hard for other people in our lives to understand. Keep up your healthy habits, girl!