Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How Do I Pack All My Stuff in a Carry-On??

So it seems, recently, I have become somewhat of a frequent flyer and so I decided (after purchasing my plane ticket and seeing the extra charge to check baggage) to make all my stuff for 5 days in Vegas fit into one carry-on!  Here was the method to my madness:

First, I laid all my clothes out on my bed.  I stacked items to roll.  I'm sure you have all heard of rolling your clothes to fit more.  Well, I had too, so that's what I did...burrito style!  

I saw somewhere to fold in the sleeves so that the roll is more uniform.  After this, I folded the shirts in half lengthwise and made my shirt burrito.

This dress is going to be tricky, as it is chiffon material (from Forever 21) and not the most sturdy of fabrics.

I staggered the waistbands of my pants so that there wouldn't be a big bunch in the pant burrito.

Here I snapped a pic of folding the tanks lengthwise.  I'm a visual learner so I like to see, not just read.

 Here is the first layer.  

On top of my burritos, I stacked the sports bras and swimsuits and stuffed a couple of small purses in the side.

Saw this nifty idea on Pinterest!  Put your necklace through a straw to keep it from getting tangled in your bag.

I'm keeping my quart bag of liquids in the front pocket of my luggage to keep it easily accessible for security.

I'm also packing food for my trip.  So, I have 10 Shakeology packets, 2 blender bottles, 5 Quest bars, and 5 Kind bars.

First, I had all the bars in quart baggies.  Then, I thought, why not utilize this space inside the bottle.  They fit perfectly. Yay!

Here is a visual of the rest of my progression in packing the carry-on.

Clothes-wise, here is what all I packed, in addition to the food and personal items:
  • 8 tanks
  • 3 tees
  • 3 pairs of pants
  • 4 dresses
  • 6 sports bras
  • 6 pairs of shorts
  • 3 swimsuits and 1 extra top
  • undies and socks in inside zipper 
I should mention that I am going to a fitness conference with Beachbody, if you're wondering what's up with all the workout apparel.  I, sincerely, hope this helps you pack your bag to go on your next adventure!

What is your secret to packing?
Are you an over-packer?


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  2. Wow, great tips and tricks! Thanks for sharing! I most certainly use them to pack my luggage next week, as we're leaving for the summer vacation! Can't wait! This comes in the perfect timing, because I am an over-packer - I pack for all situations I can think about, so I usually end up packing almost my entire summer closet.