Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing is impossible.

Woohoo! I ran 4 miles on my HMP!! Now, I know this is possible. All day it seemed like this run was not going to happen. I had to work today at 11:00 and had imagined the night before that if I wake up early I would go ahead and run before work, so that way it would be done for the day and I wouldn't be worried about making time for it later in the day. But...I woke up early...and went back to sleep. Ha! I figured I don't get to sleep in often so I would just run after work. Well, at work we decided to go out for Mexican food afterwards, which I was pumped about (and if you ever come to Charleston eat at Santi's). It was delish! I have been ravenous for the past two weeks and ate enough for at least two people! So, of course, right after that I could not run, but I came on home. I started making excuses like, well, if I don't run today I always have my long run tomorrow... Then after about an hour and a half of being home I went for it. I was nervous about trying to stay on pace but I did it the whole way through, without my full-on effort. Training is paying off and I couldn't be happier....

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